Episode Summaries

I made a page with summaries of many of the episodes so far. Some of the later episodes don’t have summaries, yet.

These are just the slightly modified summaries from my GM notes, but they’re yours. Feel free to edit, rewrite, expand on or do whatever with them.

I’ll keep naming episodes, but I probably won’t be writing more summaries for this page, since even choosing what to write about can be different than what you as players find important. It’s much nicer and more informative for me if you summarised them.

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Episode List

I’ve added an episode list, mainly to keep a public log of our sessions. I also added level ups so I can keep an overview of that. :p

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Zemnia Map added

I have added the Zemnia map to the maps page.

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Ingame Handouts page added

I have added a page with ingame handouts, containing information that you might find useful to reference between games. Let me know if there’d be others that I have forgotten.

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World Map

There’s a World Map now on the Maps page. You can also go to the full size image on imgur.

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Added a Pantheon of Gods

I have added a bit of info about the Gods for the World.

As this isn’t something I want to invent from scratch, I’m stealing the one that they’re using for the world of Exandria in Critical Role, which is basically the Dawn War Pantheon with a few nicknames sprinkled in.

If you want to pick a god or two for your character feel free to do so or ask me if you’re unsure. Best stick to the ones in the upper half, since those are the non-evil gods of that pantheon.

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Some World Info

I’ve added some world info, which is information the characters would all have. Currently it’s the world’s calendar and campaign timeline, as well as the maps you got.

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