Dust of Chalk

Dust of Chalk:


 A tabaxi archer, sneak and songstress who definitely doesn’t uses a little magic on the side… honest.

She is on a quest to ‘see stuff’; a tourist, if you will.


Dust of Chalk is a fairly average looking tabaxi’: lithe, furry and non-threatening. She is cream of fur and splattered with black rosette spots. Dust’s eyes are a dark yellow, verging on gold, with ’cat eye’ pupils. Her rounded ears have a nasty habit of giving away her mood. She is just under 5ft 11inches tall which is a little on the short side for a tabaxi. Her tail is her pride and joy: it is VERY long, VERY fluffy and VERY warm.

Her clothes are well cared for and she takes pride in her appearance.

It should also be noted that little things, such as cutlery, tend to move of their own accord around the tabaxi and is not unusual for her to drink from a levitating tankard.


Openly warm and friendly. On the whole Dust would far rather make a new friend than a new enemy. She enjoys ‘knowledge’, delights in trying new things and has a fondness for stories: a locked box and tales of the secrets within would draw Dust like a moth to a flame.

Childhood Years:

Dust is the middle child of seven and was born to The Soft White Paw Clan. The clan is located on the edges of a jungle and a desert. It is home to a traditional tabaxi community. Dust terrified both her father and her mother for she was given the blessing of ‘curiosity’, by their god, when she was born. The clan elders looked on Dust with pity.

Another tabaxi of Dust’s age was also born with this blessing. His name is Sands of Time. At the age of six the pair discovered that just a few days travel from the clan lair was a massive trading hub in the desert. The trading hub was called Al Dhanab: it was place of sand, incense, spices, gems, silks and tales of magic carpets, djinn, giant sapphires and sultans. It was filled with all sorts of races and all sorts of things to discover.

For the next ten years Dust and Sands sneaked away from home into Al Dhanab for weeks at a time: being dragged back kicking and screaming only to return to the trading hub again a month or so later. While Dust learnt the art of ‘small talk’ and mingled with thieves, Sands learnt the art of brawling and joined the local fighting ring. The glitter of gold to spend on strange sweets, curious trinkets and fantastical tales was too great an allure to the kittens.

After Dust and Sands were dragged back home yet again, Dust’s uncle, was present for her beating. He found her wild streak and curious nature to be to his liking and took the time to tutor her in the arts of magic. This irritated Dust’s father to no end.

Uncle Wisps was knowledgeable in the bardic arts and would do anything to find adventure, fine wine and fine company. He found in Dust the perfect apprentice. While she was not as musically talented or charismatic as he, she made up for it in other ways. She had a hunger for knowledge that rivalled his own and she showed a natural talent for being where she should not.

Teenage Years:

At the age of sixteen, Dust discovered that her father was in talks with Sands’ mother about a pairing. The parents hope that it would curb Dust’s rebellious nature and Sands’ raging, blood-thirsty, temper. While she adored her barbaric friend she wasn’t ready for ‘that kind of life’ so she and Wisps left the tribe for ‘just a few years of adventuring, we’ll be back soon, honest’. This was much to Sands’ relief also. Besides, Wisps had not finished seeing the world and Dust had yet to start. Sands gave Dust a diary so he could read about her adventure when she returned and she gave the same to him.

Dust and Wisps travelled far to the north to ‘see the sights’ and learn interesting things. Life was good for a number of years. They saw kings and knights and unicorns and giants. They saw mountains and lakes and tundra and pine forests. They heard tales of the Underdark, they heard the tales of the locals and they heard tales of many more things to see. They gambled with their lives, relocated artifacts so they could get a better look at them and ventured into ruins to learn their secrets. When travelling with an elven wizard for a year, Dust took the time to learn his language just because all knowledge is good knowledge. Home… could wait a while longer.

The Loss Of Uncle Wisps:

Just before her 20th birthday, in a town named Patterstone, Wisps went out for ‘an evening with the ladies’ and he did not return to their lodgings. The next morning Dust went looking for her wayward uncle. She arrived at the Gilded Rose, the whore house Wisps oft visited, to see the place had been burnt to the ground. In a daze she helped look for survivors but she did not see any sign of Wisps. Oddly, everyone had survived the fire and Wisps’ favourite ladies assured Dust that he had been with them when the fire broke out – he had made sure they all got to safety.

Dust asked around in a panic until she discovered that a man had been seen fleeing the scene. The man had a red tattoo down the left side of his face, and he had been carrying a large sack. A squirming sack. He had been seen running down the road towards Zemnia.

Dust raced off after the man, sure he might know something at least. She headed to Zemnia where, in order to keep on top of her finances, she ended up annoying a local thieves guild. She accidentally sold an item the thieves wanted for another client. The thieves brought her in, bound her, took all of her cash, confiscated her belongings and gave her two options: Dust chose joining them and paying them back over time, rather than ‘have bad things happen’.

While Dust started to pay off her sizable debt she searched for information on her uncle, but the trail had grown cold. No-one in Zemnia had seen or heard of the man with the red tattoo down the left side of his face.

One night Dust chanced upon a conversation between hired guards. Dust learnt that they had come across a man with a red tattoo running down the side of his face in Dunmore, a few weeks walk away. Overcome with delight, Dust ran to her ‘boss’ and begged her to end their ‘contract’. A deal was made and Dust was free to go, along with keeping the guilds ‘bonuses’ and contacts, IF she paid up the final 300 gold pieces she owed, plus a little interest, as quickly as she could… if she didn’t pay soon then things were going to get very very bad.


Dust arrived in Dunmore only to discover that the tattooed man had been there… but had long left. The landlord mentioned the man had been talking about the festival in Zemnia. Dust turned to leave: furious at having to go all the way back for a man who may (or may not) be there and may (or may not) be the one who may (or may not) have her uncle. She was also terrified because she STILL didn’t have the guild’s money.

She was almost ready to give up and go home. It was then she over heard a dwarf and an aasimar talking. As she listened…. an idea started to form in her mind.

Family and Friends:

  • Moonlight Shadow (Shadow) – father
  • Summer Song (Song) – mother
  • Sands of Time (Sands) – best friend. One of the clan’s few warriors. Part of the reason Dust left is because their parents were arranging a pairing…. which she wasn’t QUITE ready for yet. But when she comes home, if he’s still waiting…
  • Sunshine after the Rain (Rain) – older brother
  • Black Velvet (Velvet) – older sister
  • Stairway to Haven (Haven) – older sister
  • Blaze of Glory (Glory) – younger sister
  • Smoke on the Water (Smoke) – younger brother
  • Fire in the Sky (Sky) – younger brother
  • Six Wisps Singing (Wisps) – uncle – Shadow’s brother. Wisps is a bard and a master of seduction. Wisps saw in Dust a younger version of himself: his other nieces and nephews were simply not fun enough for his tastes. When she was old enough he took Dust with him on, what was supposed to be, a few years of showing her the world before he retired. He wanted her to see the world before his boring brother ‘ruined’ her.