Days 41 to 43

Day 41

Dear Sands,

Oh boy it’s been a day! An Orlen-centric day!

We finally, finally, finally opened that dragon door! It was very exciting! Yup, a puzzle of potions, a gargoyle monster thing AND an undead troll!

So, while ‘Gabbie and co’ convinced the kobbos and gobbos to ignore each other, I snuck in to where Meepo has been lovingly keeping Caltrix’s (I think that was the name) rotting corpse and helped myself to some of his teeth (so pleased!). I’m not sure what they sell for but I think I recall Uncle Wisps telling me they sell rather well… which means we can continue to fund our adventure! Yay!

After that we took the key (we found it with the snake people I think) to open the dragon door. Inside we found a fair few traps, which Gabbie kindly set off at myself and Fribs! It hurt! Giant scythes HURT, Gabbie! Anyways, once I’d set off the rest of the stupid giant scythes we discovered we were in a peculiar room with a load of balls that light on and off when poked and a… decanter? Anyways, Orlen eventually figured out (with a little help from all of us) that different potions appeared in the decanter when different balls were lit up. So we got a fair few fun potions. Not sure when they’ll be useful but hey!

Working our way through the tunnels further in we came across more traps, which Orlen trod on because he wasn’t listening to me, and found yet another room with a dragon statue. Orlen found a hidden door in it! So he redeemed himself in the end.

Now, we found ourselves in a very boring room lined with gargoyle like statues. At the end was a pit with spikes in it so while I made my way through the spikes Orlen flew over. I mean seriously? Didn’t he learn from the last few times? Send me in for traps and monsters first: I’m good at traps and running away. He got his comeuppance… there was a monster hiding round the corner… but it was ok cause I saved him by shooting the beast in the arse and blowing its brains out… brains were in its head not its arse 😛

I didn’t see the point of complaining, I like Orlen just the way he is anyways… and the others have ‘mocking Orlen’ covered. Heeheehee!

We ventured into the room the monster was hiding in and there was this sarcophagus. In hindsight I should have looked a the pictures on the walls but I just had to open the thing! Norben pulled and I greased the wheels and between us we opened the box to a huge great undead troll! Thank the gods I had prestidigitation for my unmentionables!

Turns out my new shortsword is great for stabbing trolls… also turns out trolls hit hard enough to knock me out! But between us all we finished the beast off and discovered that there was something really odd about Orlen. His weird arse magical hiccup has made him younger! Like, nearly a decade! I don’t think I’m the youngest in our Adventuring Party (can I call us that?) any more. I shall content myself with being the fluffiest… oh wait, thats Fribs. Hmmmm, I shall think about my title later! And the others! That’ll be a fun one for the next entry.

Right, I better mention Phitra. She used a mind spell on me to read my thoughts… guess she’s really paranoid. I’ve not told the others as I don’t want to worry them but now I wonder if she’s influenced us in other ways? Is she really working with my uncle or against? Is that why she doesn’t know about me? Because he didn’t tell ‘the enemy’ about me? I don’t want to think the worst but ever since the betrayal of Lady Belarus I wonder who else is tricking us. But! But! She gave me Uncle Wisps book!!! So, she can’t be bad, right?! I really want to believe her.

Oh yes! That little book Uncle Wisps put his extra spells in is now in my grubby little paws! Armed with that trusty arcane focus I nabbed from the deceased daughter (poor thing) I think I can figure out how to summon that thing Wisps used to use! It requires testing though, as I think you can use a focus rather than components, but I’m not completely sure, so we’ll see how it goes.

I think that’s it. I’ve popped the bubble up round us so hopefully that’ll mean Fribs can still sleep soundly. It’s worked so far!


Day 43

Dear Sands,

It’s breakfast… and ding-dong the hag is dead! Norben did all the work though.

So you know last entry I said Fribs was safe in the bubble? Load of rubbish. Absolute load of rubbish! I was woken up by the others when Fribs started the hag induced nightmares again. What a cow! Gabbie used the special scroll on him and I tried to pounce on her… but I passed straight through! Sooo we had a think, really hard, and eventually we asked Toe-Cap…. yeah, the creepy bag lady who needs blood and gold to give cryptic advice. She said try the ethereal plane: no she didn’t but that’s what we decided we’d do from her weird arse clue.

Then Norben put the plan we came up with into action! Gabbie and I greased him up with some Oil of Etherealness (Gabbie was totally grossed out) so he could pop into the ethereal plane and beat the crap out of her… which he did. ‘Twas epic!!! Do you remember the pit fights back home? The ones that were branded Pit-Kombat? It was like that! But Norben-Kombat! I hope chopping her to bits helps Fribs out! Funniest bit was giving the massive hamster ball, Orlen got everyone stuck in, a good shake! Blood and guts and vomit and Everone except moi!

Either way, we all slept well and we’re off to the temple of Pelor later this morning to give them, what Gabbie referred to as a soul bag? I have no idea what that is but I don’t trust it.

Oh, I forgot to mention we’re back in town. Yeah, we opened the last door (thanks to a cunning idea from Orlen and a little magical lock picking from me, pretty sure I wrote about that bit) only to be attacked by skeletons. Yeah, thought I’d mention what happened. All right, so I picked up the magical artefact from the sinister alter but the undead were killed and we now have a whistle that… animates…. corpses? It sounds way worse written down.

Oooo, oooo, oooo! Fribs took us flying!!! Me and Pheetra! (sp?!) Just as we were fixing out how to get out of the gorge he shape-shifted (is that what druids do?) into this MASSIVE eagle and scooped us up.




I’m pretty sure he kept it up long because we were having so much fun: he really is the best!

But yes, where was I? Back in town! That was it. We told the nice shop lady about her kids. I felt really bad but Gabbie did a good job of letting her know as gently as he could. We’re going to see her tomorrow, when she’s had time to process what happened, and sell her all the shite we collected from the ruins.

The barkeep in Lemstilt kept our rooms free for us… Garren? Garret? What’s his name? Regardless, he gave us a drink and the next thing we know we’re spilling the beans on everything we did: From Toe-Caps to Bellack. It was quite the epic tale and then, pretty drunk but feeling emotionally uplifted, we went to bed… after a bath.

Urgh, to bathe in HOT water! With SOAP! I know I have my little tricks but sometimes a decent bath cannot be beaten. I think Gabbie agreed.

So I shared a room with Phitra, missed my normal sleeping arrangements, got up to sleep at the end of Norben’s bed and that when I heard Fribs having a nightmare. The rest you know.

Phew, I think that’s it? Yes, Temples, Shops and Druids later: what could possibly go wrong?

Dust xxx

Day 43 Continued

Dear Sands,

Turns out we can now add ‘Ghost Hunters’ to our resume. How’s THAT for fun?!

So um, the nasty hag had this like, bag of souls, or some such (that’s Gabbie’s stuff not mine) and he thought it would be a great idea to lay the spirit to rest. I mean, if I was a spirit stuck in a hag bag I’d want out so I thought that was fair enough. So in the morning, super early since I was in a great mood, we all popped over to the Temple of Pelor in town. Corky is the priestess who runs the place and she super nicely said she’d help Gabbie with this ritual like thing. Some locals came to watch. It all when wrong.

Turns out the soul was the guy who’s hat I now have. Captain Thunderbumb or whoever. Well he was some mad spirit and we ended up chasing him down to blow him up! Took out Claus Bartholomew Cat though. Yeah, that’s the name of Uncle Whisp’s familiar now. I made it into this SUPER cute Tressym! Damn it’s adorable! Orlen owes me a cat -.-

I also feel MUCH better as I got in contact with a few associates who will tie up a few loose ends. Like the fake ‘broom of flying’ guy (I paid off both mine and Orlen’s debt) and the fact Orlen gave a fake name and location to get hold of us…. probably a good idea… so I’ve set up a courier for messages so we know if we need to stay away for ever.

Anyway! After we blew up the ghost and the locals had the most AWESOME show evah we collected rewards, did a bit of shit shopping and general messed about in town until Fribs forced me to announce we needed to get on with helping Uncle Whisps. But not before Orlen pulled off the most AMAZING haggle ever!!! He got us each 500gp for helping the town: from a mayor who didn’t want to give us anything! Damn that guy should open a casino or something!

Oooo, oooo, ooo! We’ve got a new cart. It DOESN’T sink in swamps and it’s REALLY nice! It’s also not Ex-Zemnian military and it’s got beer in it. Thank the gods it’s got beer in it! Tonight’s camp is pretty crappy after spending a nice in (Inn) luxury. And we had to burry a hag in a swamp: we being me and Norben. What a guy!

I’m looking forward to getting to Ulfenstilt… is that where we’re going? Mainly so I can open up dialogue with the thieves guild there. I think that might be who this ‘Resistance’ is! Pheetra mentioned they communicate in symbols and know who to stay hidden so they must have someone there who taught them that stuff at least. I just need to remind myself I’m a ‘Good Guy’ now!

I think I hear hoof beats coming down the road: I’ll sign off for now!