Dust’s Diary Days 1 to 3


Day 1

Dear Sands,

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote in here for you. How long has it been? A week? Two?

It turns out Dun-wherever was a bust, but I did get some new friends! Or, potentially new friends.

I have met up with a dwarf and a shiny human thing, they are on their way to Zemnia. So I’m going with them. Yes, I know, the opposite way to the one I was going in, but bare with me, it’ll make sense. It turns out the way I need to go is all the way back to were I was before. A shame as I’ve all ready been to Zemnia, and it was rubbish, but I have to get to the festival there. Hopefully, I’ll find the human who might know where Wisps is!

As for my new travelling companions: they’re all right. The dwarf is a warrior named Norben, last name undisclosed. The human thing is a something or other called Gabriel, last name also undisclosed. I wonder if they’re on the run! That would be very exciting but I doubt it as they seem to lack the aptitude for ‘evil doings’ but there must be some reason they won’t tell me their last names…. Or have I got muddled with the names of other races? We don’t have last names… so…. oh whatever. They say they are on their way to the festival too. I decided I better go with them ‘cause they have no clue about money. Quite how they’ve survived I have no idea: I’m going to assume it has something to do with Gabriel’s devotion to his deity.

Travelling with them should be great! Hopefully, Norben is ‘body guard material’ enough that my old friends in Zemnia shouldn’t bother me. The pair are EXACTLY what I need to get myself out of this mess. Once that’s sorted then I can return to looking for Wisps. If I come home without him my father will have my hide! As much as he loathes his brother he still loves him… deep down… maybe?

Anyways, I won’t be coming home till I’ve found him. So add that to the list of reasons why I’m not coming home any time soon. Besides, there is still so much out here I haven’t seen or experienced and I can’t be the only tourist around these parts.



Day 2

Dear Sands,

Things got busier!

We have two new members in our little band of misfits. A blue man named Orlen and a massive giant like creature who goes by the name of Fribis. I’ve never met creatures such as Fribis or Orlen before and the pair had never met a tabaxi so introductions were fun! Orlen said he is a genasi of the water variety and Fribis is a firbolg… or that’s what Gabbie told me. Yeah, Norben and Gabriel are Norb and Gabbie now: they’re, like, the best!

Fribis and Orlen appeared out from the wood when Norb, Gabbie and I were heading along the road towards Zemnia. Turns out Fribis and Orlen were also planning to go the festival in Zemnia. Don’t know why, but the more the merrier, right?

Then things got super exciting! Wolves attacked us, or they did when we attacked them. Self defence on their part, but they were attacking sheep and shepherd’s, so it WAS their own fault. The shepherds were grateful that we stepped in to help – and help we did! Norb is a fine warrior. Orlen is a mage with the most strange of magics. Gabbie can become some sort of radiant celestial thing (I must ask him what that change to a winged human was). Fribis is an actual, real life, druid!

We arrived in the small town, whose name is of so little importance I’ve forgotten it, and went to the inn: free board and sustenance! A good thing too as I’m STILL penniless after all the shit that went down in Zemnia. However, we did not go to bed till very late. No sooner had we arrived then the mayor and the council (or some such) asked to speak with us. It seems everyone is very excited that we’ve come to take care of the wolves. I don’t recall agreeing to do it but these people offered a reward! It’s a step in the right direction at least! We all agreed that it would a good idea to go straight off after the wolves and locate their lair. Then we realised that the only one of us who was any good at tracking AND seeing in the dark was Fribis. Of course, he lead the group through the forest… as a giant spider of spideriness. It. Was. AMAZING!

We didn’t find the wolves. Fribis did find the strangest thing though: a lean-to with some clothing and things. But no corpse. We were chatting away about it, thinking it was a hunters den, when Orlen cast a spell. It went wrong and Norb ended up being able to fly! Norb clung onto a tree, not two inches from the ground and crying out in terror at the height. Orlen apologised profusely and explained to us his magic is such that while powerful it does weird ‘extra stuff’. I’m not sure if we should be concerned or not. I hope one day I myself end up with the ability to fly!

Anyway, Fribis headed off to scout further ahead still as a very large spider. It was all I could do not to stare: druids are marvellous things! Gabbie and I just laughed at the dwarf and the genasi. Fribis returned and he agreed that it was time to bed.

It’s the small hours of the morning now, and I am very tired. Tomorrow we will scout out the wizards tower: it turns out the local holy man’s sister was a sorceress who guarded this area and went missing some months ago. And then we will go wolf hunting. I wonder if the two things are related?

Dust of Chalk

P.S. I should note that Fribis choose to sleep outside. Is he so concerned of others that he feels the need to avoid contact?

P.P.S. Miss Wisps so very much….


Day 3

Dear Sands,

You know I hate camping, but here I am in the middle of wood and writing from inside Norb’s tent. I hope I have a good night’s sleep: I forgot to write last night as I got back late and I didn’t want to wake anyone.

It is strange. I have known them but a scant few days and I feel as if I could trust them. This feels like the start of a bright new chapter!

The wolves turned out to be related to the sorceress after all. Apparently she turned them into thinkers and they wanted their own society: then the magical woman vanished suddenly. The others convinced the wolves to guard the village in exchange for being left alone – though the she-wolf (Blaze I think her name was) disagreed and turned on Bolt the pack Alpha. I was sad that she had to be put down, but alas not all stories have a happy ending.

I almost left the group after the wolves battle. I had seen a mark left by my previous associates, and thought it better to leave before my new allies became involved. Yes I know I said I had hoped to use them to my own advantage but I just cannot do this to people who do not deserve to be unfairly treated. Good thing I had a change of heart! It was on they way along the road towards Zemnia that I saw two sheep being chased by a half-orc and a small zoo following behind. Thinking this very strange, I turned to follow but was held back in conversation with Silver. I have written of Silver to you before so I am sure you recall all there is to know about her. Yes she still has that smelly but lovable hound. She said her brother is well too.

Anyway, after meeting up with everyone again I hear bleating from the corridor. This is when I discovered that the two sheep I saw earlier were in Orlen’s room! Fribis further amazed me by his ability to speak with these creatures. It turns out one was the sorceress that had gone missing and the other was some sort of wizard whose apprentice had turned him into a sheep. He promised us lots of money if we helped. Naturally I said yes!

After breakfast we went with the mayor to secure the alliance with Bolt. I must say I felt the need to step in and say something: I dislike politics even at the best of times but I think my words may have helped a little. Basically, we were paid! Not much but a start to paying off you know who.

I felt the need for some shopping soooooo I bought a lute…. Perhaps it will cheer me up if I play again.

It is time for me to sleep now, I do hope nothing wakes us up too early.

Dust of Chalk

P.S. Got the fright of my life when I broke into a house and the others set off an alarm spell…. bastards!