Dust’s Diary Days 10 to 12

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Day 10 Part 1

Dear Sands,

Well, today has been… busy? After waking up on Fribs’ floor in the tavern (the crick in my neck is just horrid), and trying to ignore the hangover, we walked out the tavern only to bump into Pazen and his friend. I felt a bit bad at they’d spent all night walking back (because Fribs pointed out Pazen was too heavy for the boat) and we’d spent all night getting shit faced but there you go. And it was, honestly, rather funny.

After picking up ‘please don’t come to my house’ vibes from Pazen we went to his house to secure our payment. After a pleasant second breakfast and after reading a load of notes on gory critters from the under dark – from a load of research notes found in the snakelady ruins – Pazen’s employer came to visit. An elf…. a snooty one… pretty standard really.

Then everything went to the Hells! Or was it the Abyss? Which ever is the more chaotic one!

There I was, playing cards, when the others started trying to stop the elf from leaving the house. Wasn’t sure why so incapacitated the elf with the first joke that popped into my head, which wasn’t a very good one, but a little magical influence helped: thanks Wisps! Turns out the guys were right! He WAS an Underdark creature in disguise! A big spider drow thingie! It was a difficult battle, he was very wriggly and slippery, and poor Norb couldn’t get a hit in!!! Fribs managed to undo his own shapeshift with his own moonbeam….. but the spider thing managed to cock up his own spell in a similar way so it was all fair in the end!

Long story short: the Underdark creatures are lead by some guy called Xoltane. They’re some weird sect. They want ‘out’ of the Underdark (because its horrible) and are looking to invade the ‘Surface’ (Zemnia). They’re gathering members above ground and branding them with a tattoo… which may or may not be the one seen on Wisps’ cat-napper. The organisation may or may not be evil but I’m assuming they are as they’re not asking nicely to come above ground and they use blackmail to get people to help them. Fribs agrees. Fribs is always right about these things.

Then there was the Shadow Demon thing. It went after the dragonborn’s kids! If THAT doesn’t scream ‘we are not nice’ to you then I don’t know what does! It’s dead now, thanks to a joint effort between us and Pazen. Damn that lump could move! The spider-drow is dead too…. Fribs was sweet enough to let me talk to it in hopes of figuring out how there might be a connection with my Uncle before the party ripped it’s legs off. I think the connection is that they have my uncle… for reasons unknown.

In the end we sent Pazen and his family to Welten to get them out of harms way. They were sent with a letter to the mage lady, so she knows of the invasion and might be better equipped to help her wards. I just hope they’re all safe!

I also popped to the tattoo artist, even though I knew there would be no extra information. Blue very kindly came along too. The proprietor is a little eccentric and not a lot of help.

I feel a bit bad as a few suggested we just ran away to hide and I… I guess the hangover coupled with the stress of those two younglings being threatened just made me cranky… so I had a small paddy. I just miss Wisps so very much and now I think about it I’m so ever worried about him. What if they blackmailed him into helping? What if he knew something and they just killed him or tortured him?!

Yes, well…. Enough of that, worrying doesn’t help and we all need to stick together. I felt the need to apologise and I did by playing a tune in the tavern. We’re now having a spot of lunch!


Day 10 Part 2

Dear Sands,

What a day today was! After the spider and demon battle we blagged a lift off some bloke from back home… and I convinced Blue to win us a carpet… dunno why we need a carpet but I’m super pleased we’ve got one…. Because before we didn’t have one and now we do! Never could pass up a challenge for free stuff.

We’re camping right now, Fribs found us a really nice spot and we’re eating dinner.

Much fun!


Day 11

Dear Sands,

Remind me NEVER to enter politics! I think I might have done some good but the stress of having to accept that most people, when it boils down to it, are idiots is just too painful.

See, we’re camping again, Fribs found this super nice cave and we’re all basically nice folk… mostly. Alright… maybe that’s a bit far fetched. Let’s try again. We’re a load of folk who are trying their best to… no, no that’s not right. Fine, we’re a load of folk, who… what I’m trying to write is that we look at folk on an individual basis and, rather than judge them friends and that makes this camping trip far less rubbish.

Today we met a load of folk who weren’t doing that. The whole ‘folk are individuals’ thing. We came across what appeared to be an ambush site and Norbie and Blue went out to investigate. Turns out they’re part of a group of people who are all like ‘down with elven royalty’ – and are getting violent about it. Seriously violent. Killing elves, who aren’t even to do with all this to ‘prove a point’. All it proves is that they’re too dim to see the big picture, that they’ll just be seen as moronic murderers… anyway enough ranting. I strode in and talked them out of being arseholes. Not sure if it’ll help much but someone had to tell them they were being stupid. Hopefully they’ll find a more peaceful means of ‘getting heard’.

It would be interesting to see this council for myself and see if they are as powerless as the people feel. Perhaps the monarch really is a tyrant… or he’s just terrible with public relations. We should stick Gabbie on the throne!

Also…. druid wolves are super soft!

Anyway, we should finally reach Zemnia tomorrow. And I can finally pay back The Pinchers Row. Freedom awaits!

Signing off now!


Day 12

Dear Sands,

Well, today has been great! Or… yesterday. We arrived in Zemnia safe and sound. I’m sitting at the end of mine and Norb’s bed. It’s not what you think! He gets a foot warmer and I save gold by curling up at the end. So there…. Oh yea of little faith. Not that you and I have… it doesn’t matter.

It’s the morning, and I ended up drinking a little too much last night… stop laughing! But Norb won the arm wrestling competition! Or, he beat the champion and thus became the next champion. Under the name of ‘Steve’… I’m not sure why he didn’t want his face plastered over the fayre, but he didn’t, so I used a little magic and gave him a dirty great scar over his eye: identity problem solved!

We then went to the beer tent. Good thing too as I nearly bumped into Gold and Silver, you know the halfling twins, and right now I don’t feel ready to see the Pincher’s Row. I’ll…. Do it tomorrow… yeah…. I think I will have to: I don’t want to put my new super best friends in harms way.

Ooooo! I forgot to say, I won a hat in a knife throwing competition. Took me a few goes but I got it in the end. That really WAS a blast from the past, I’ve not thrown a blade in years!

I think poor Blue, Gabbie and Fribs were all a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. They either stared in silent wonder or tried to stay out of sight. Hmmmm, I think I need to kick them forward more often. That shall be my plan today!

I think we decided to go see Lady Windybottom (or whatever her name was) today to ask about, well, everything… anyway, it looks like the others are waking up. These beds were super comfortable!

I’ll write again the next time we chill. Laters!

Dust of Chalk.