Dust’s Diary Days 13 to 15

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Day 13

Dear Sands,

What a day! What should have been a nice simple day of errands turned into a full on audience with the king… and his council.

First we managed to blag our way into the ‘posh’ district to see Lady Windybum, you know Shinebright’s crush, and see about that wand. We got into the arcane tower thing explained to her what happened (but not before she tried to use another wand on us). We told her everything and as she’s part of the council she got us an audience with them in the Crimson Arcades. This where we met Gnip (the halfling Spymaster) and some other people. We also got ourselves into the tower library and failed miserably to find out what the numbers were on the bottom of the underdark flyer. Damned arcane libraries and their weirdness.

We also went to see Calibar, still gorgeous as evah, to see about identifying a few things we found and see if he knew anything about the Seals of Quengor. Turns out he didn’t really know much about the Seals but he did point out that the orb we have is a communication device. We discovered there’s a guardian naga at the other end of it! Norb told us it’s a Nag A Naga device… so we’ve decided we’re going to call her up and give her accounts of our adventures. Sweet right!?! It cracks after a use and then reforms so we can’t annoy her too often though.

When we left the shop we bumped into the wife of the guy who was killing elves for sport and she told us something bad was going to happen and gave us the location of the headquarters… this information we also gave to the Spymaster so he’ll put it to good use I’m sure. Pity I only managed to change her mind, rather than the group, but one is still better than none.

Currently we’re getting ready for dinner to hear the king’s speech tonight. Should be rather good: I kind of like the king as he was very patient and polite…… I’m still not sure why the human locals don’t like him. The councillors were rather good and polite too – Norb did comment on no dwarven council members though.

Right, off to dinner!


P.S. Gabbie, Norb and I have finally figured out our business plan! We’re going to open up a chain of restaurants called McMasons (A play on Norb’s profession)… what could possibly go wrong?!

P.P.S. Gabbie lost the ‘rod of staying put’… I think Gold took it so I’d better go back and get it from him.

P.P.P.S Norb and Gabbie paid off my debt!


Day 14

Dear Sands,

How the fudge I’m still alive is anyone’s guess. Some arseholes blew up the palace! I’m seriously tired so I’m just going to bullet point the day’s events.

  1. Met Gnips in town and he told us something big was happening in town and his people were spread so thin we’d need to go sort it
  2. Blue blew up the baddies and then he pointed out to us they were trying to build some kind of giant air balloon
  3. Two other balloons flew into the sky (a long way off) and somehow blew up the palace with a light beam… thing? There was lots of red light!
  4. We captured a baddie and sent him to prison
  5. Gabbie used his shiny power (with a little help with dramatics from yours truly) to stop a riot in the commons
  6. We bumped into Gnips and Lady Belar… thingie who were escorting an elven girl through the streets in a hurry (we think it was the kings daughter?)
  7. We found Lady Windyum (turns out her specialty is portals) trying to close a portal that had opened up in the remains of the palace… there was NOTHING left of the building.
  8. We defeated loads of nasty diseased gribblies (mainly with Norb riding Fribs bear-back <- see what I did there!) and Blue put the biggest creature into a ball that was… well… GREAT FUN! I got to chase the ball with Norb so we popped the creature back through the portal.
  9. Other gribblies debated coming through the portal….and decided not to
  10. A unicorn appeared… and Blue chased it into a portal (I think they’re friends) and both of them have vanished.
  11. With the portal closed by Lady Windybum, and Blue MIA, we went to the ‘Lily’ to see a boy about a rod…… ok that sounded bad.

So there you have it. We’re alive and it looks like the king isn’t. I feel terrible as we thought Gnips could sort everything. I wish we had gone to the headquarters ourselves. That’s the thing about regrets though, we’ll never know what could have been. Guess there is no sense getting upset over it.
I did get the rod back from Gold though! It was… weird going back to Pinchers Row: it would have been nice to take the others with me to see the city under the city but I wasn’t sure they would be welcome.

Mind you, with Blue missing I get to have my own bed… bit lonely without Norb kicking me in my sleep though.


Day 15

Dear Sands,

Blue is back! I have no idea how, or why (nor does he), but he’s with us and burping glitter! It’s kind of gross… so we did the compassionate thing and we took a sample. We also took the piss. We’re all nice like that. He’s not looking too good though. Maybe the best thing is for him to sleep on the way to Wilmholm… or I think that’s where we’re going. I’m just writing while we’re waiting for Gabbie to come back with rum for the coach driver.

After the events of yesterday I think we could all do with a change of scenery. Especially Fribis – he’s really not a fan of cities.

See, this morning we got up, found Blue asleep in my bed, had breakfast and then went into town. Long story short we ended up with a job. A paying one… or we got a cloak out of it.

Telurious (I think that’s his name) is the council member who sent to original note to Noke about locating the Seals of Quengor. He went on a LONG fan-boy speech about how a load of heroes had a load of awesome artifacts that when brought together can open a Vault of some kind. Turns out the belt Norb has and the gloves Fribs wears are magically linked (discovered by Blue) and they sound remarkably like the things from Mr T’s story. He wants the rest of them AND he’s letting us keep the artifacts AND he’s going pay us for finding them… sounds too good to be true. Fribs pointed that out and he’s got a point so we’re keeping quiet about it.

Blue discovered another artifact – it’s the cloak on Lady B! Which is why, when we met up with her and she said she wanted mercs to help her priestess friend in Windholm (the dead are rising from the crypts apparently) we readily agreed… in exchange for the cloak! I do so love a bargain – and she gave us tea and biscuits.

We also discovered (as we sent Lady Windybum to figure out the co-ordinate puzzle) the one of the co-ordinates on the Underdark letter is in the area. Underdark, crypts under the temple, coincidence? Never!

So that’s where we’re off to! Um… we also took a trip to Calibar’s of course. I got so super sweet dice… and racked up a MAJOR tab with Gabbie: he’s such a sweety.

Ooooo! Gabbie is back and I think Fribs has promised drinkies!