Dust’s Diary Days 19 to 21

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Day 19

Dear Sands,

It’s been a relatively quiet day today… only a few harpy deaths 😉

After a rather (fun) rotten game of convincing the local gnomish shopkeeper that the plain rod we nabbed from the cowbag was in fact a ‘Rod of Flying’ I felt MUCH better. Gabbie charmed the guy with his fab words and Glitter-B cast a fly spell, we emerged with much gold! All right, it wasn’t the gold that was important to me, it was just that we were able to get away with it! Now it’s done, once I have the funds fully, I’ll give it back to the guy. Thus all will be well. Gabbie and Prince Norb returned theirs all ready. If Glitter-B and Fribie don’t then I’ll make up theirs… I mean we’re going to unicorn land so there’s going to be pots of gold, right?!

Lead by our pixie guides we entered the forest, errrr… I think it’s called Timber Wall? Yeah, that’s it! I’m getting better with names. And we should arrive at the portal tomorrow. I hope it’s like walking through a tree arch: that would be AWESOME!!! I can’t wait for our holiday! And fixing the glitter-vomming water-genasi… who likes to use fire spells… weirdo.

Gabbie found some feathers on the way, didn’t know who they belonged to but they were huge – so I kept a few.

Fribie found us the BEST place to camp, and I’m resting after… an ‘interesting’ fight with the harpies. I nabbed Gabbie’s sleeping bag – other peoples things are always better – like food from someone else’s plate!

Turns out harpies really are like those stories Uncle Wisps used to tell us: you recall the one about the elven lady who got ideas about her station and fell in love with a god, was cursed, then harpies were created? Yeah, just that! They sung this song to lure us away and it almost got me. Fribie very kindly smacked some sense into me. Then he and Gabbie had this GREAT idea of stuffing the ears of Prince Norb and Glitter-B’s ears with chewed up vellum. It worked! Though Prince Norb fought back. I don’t blame him. Twig wasn’t so lucky, he was well under the spell… so Fribie used him like a blood-hound to show us the way: it’s great how he can see though a bad situation and come up with a brilliant way to tilt the odds to our favour!

The harpies were not too far and we obliterated them! Or… Glitter-B and Prince Norb did. I found a little prize though – a deck of awesome (or bad) stuff! I’m soooo pleased! Glitter-B really wanted it though so I think I’ll give them to him in the morning since he’s so upset about his curse and I want to make him happy.

Anyway, we headed back to camp and that’s where we’re at.

I better go to sleep: it’s going to be so much fun tomorrow and I want it to happen, like now!



P.S. I think I’m getting used to camping, and Fribie was pleased I helped him find camp again after the battle. Wisps would be so proud that I’m learning new things.

P.P.S. Still hate bugs though!

Day 20

Dear Sands,

Well, the Feywilds are… weird? As soon as I got here I started recalling a load of stuff that I’ve heard from various places. It’s all bad. But I’m still super excited!

The portal we used to get to this plane was a little weird too. I was hoping for an arch of trees, but what we actually got was a puddle. Of course, I went first: I just NEEDED to and thank the gods I did! The portal emerged in the feywilds but up in the friggin’ sky! Now, as you know, I like to keep our tricks to myself and that little feather-fall spell Uncle Wisps taught me was just what we needed to not splat into the ground. I was super careful not to let them see what I did and I fooled the others. Aside from Fribie. But he’s awesome enough to trust and I know he’ll keep it a secret.

We’re staying in Twig’s hut tonight. He’s looking much better and his lady friend (Ar-kai-ya or something?) looks much better too. Yeah I know, pixie huts should be small but this was re-purposed by Twig and we all fit in and had some herbal tea. The rug wasn’t a flying carpet.

It turns out Twig and Glitter-B met before when he visited the feywilds the first time. Of course the genasi didn’t recall anything so between us we got Twig up to date on everything that has happened to Blue. Twig suggested some ‘meditation with herbs’ (basically getting as high as a flying carpet…. I think I have a problem…) and Glitter-Blue fell alseep for a bit while we chatted, then woke up and recalled meeting Twig!

To cut a long story short Glitter-B found Twig, asked for help getting home, and then Chipper the Unicorn took off with Glitter-B and left Twig behind. Chipper told Glitter-B that Twig wasn’t to be trusted! Which was super unfair… but it seems the unicorn in question is a bit of an ass (get it?!), so it makes sense.

Glitter-B recalled that he and Chipper left and went to a house with three poplar trees. Fribie kindly drew what they looked like. And that’s where we’re at.

This place is weird though and I opened by big mouth and upset Gabbie a bit. After we discussed the local fauna and flora with Twig (look at me writing big words!) it was so dark outside we didn’t really want to go traipsing about looking for the hut only to get lost, be eaten by giant frogs or step on a sleeping exploding duck. And then I mentioned the time problem. That’s what worried Gabbie. I tried to explain that time might be the same when we get back but his head was filled with ideas and he didn’t really sleep well.

Speaking of sleep, I’m knacked… or stoned… so I’ll just go to sleep too.


Dust xxx

P.S. I attempted to draw a poplar tree, it’s tall and thin and has, like, heart shaped leaves? But then I remembered a tree from home. So I drew that one instead!

P.P.S. I forgot to mention, yesterday, during the harpy attack Gabbie let me touch his wings when he went all divine-bird-like. My paws passed straight through them! Very strange. He promised next time we stop at a tavern he’ll tell us all about how he got them. Exciting!

Day 21

Dear Sands,

What. A. Day!

Turns out Glitter-B has been a very naughty boy! Not only did he steal a lantern from a shrine, which corrupted said shrine, but he also had a ‘very good time’ with the local farmer’s daughter. We are making a step in the right direction towards finding a cure for him at least.

We’re at the shrine now, and it’s been restored. Or the lantern was put back by a flying, invisible Norb and we killed a hag and her kitty pets. The guardian angel of the shrine was very happy too. It was all very exciting! Not that I did much other than hide in a tree and use the ‘make invisible nasties light up for easy hitting’ spell.

And earlier today I got to fly! SO MUCH FUN!!! So I can tick that off my To Do List. I wonder if I’m further along the To Do List than you yet?

So here is Glitter-B’s story so far from what we’ve uncovered and him recalling stuff as things have triggered his memory:

  1. He arrived and ran off to the farm house with Chipper
  2. Blue chatted up the daughter (who is a dryad due to self inflicted ‘curse’) and they ran off to the woods for a bit of fun
  3. It was dark so they took a lantern, at the pond they visited, back with them to light their way home
  4. Turns out the lantern was part of a sacred site… and the Dryad girl’s tree (one of the three poplar trees I wrote about yesterday) was cursed, which made the girl VERY poorly. So poorly she couldn’t get out of bed and was wasting away.
  5. Blue went to see the Seven Sisters, who are presumably the local witch coven (or so we think due to Fribie talking to a deer and the farmer husband suggesting the connection).

That’s it and I hope we can find out more tomorrow.

For being brave enough to return the lantern Glitter-B was given the gift of the Dryad’s curse being lifted AND three questions he posed answered. I guess some good deeds don’t end in being punished after all. Apparently Chipper the Annoying Unicorn is with the Seven Sisters and the way to removed Blue’s curse is to continue to retrace his steps… which means we need to find these Seven Sisters. Then, Blue asked about Uncle Wisps. I think he’s still alive! He’s somewhere in the swampy bit south east of Zemnia. Maybe there’s a chance we can find him. Apparently he’s been searching for the Leader of something or other. We think it might be the People’s Front of Zemnia (Zemnian Peoples Front?) Regardless, I’m so grateful to Blue for asking that for me, especially when his curse is really causing him issues… and I slapped him for sticking us in this mess… and lighting up the inside of my cute little nose so I couldn’t see! And we could have discovered more about the Seals of Quengor too. At least I know where I’m going next when Blue is cured… it’s the least I can do for his kindness and forgiveness.

Lots of other stuff happened today too but I’m just so sleepy. This place feels so safe I think we can forgo setting a watch. I hope we don’t regret our decision.


P.S. I hope Blue sees the nice dryad again one day, she was super nice and blushed lots when she looked at him. So sweet! Well, more sickening really but it’s nice when nice things happen to nice people. Her mum is really nice too, and gave us food to go (and gave me the recipe and cooking tips on yumminess) and that was after Blue accidentally blew up her husband… yeah, we REALLY need to cure him! It was OK though as Gabbie stitched the husband back together with some powerful healing spell or other… one day I’ll figure out how Gabbie is so powerful.

P.P.S. I wonder if we can find a way to catch one of those exploding ducks…?