Dust’s Diary Days 4 to 6

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Day 4

Dear Sands,

The next time I sleep in a tent I’m going to set a ward to warn of incoming griffin attack! Breakfast was RUINED today, RUINED I tell you! And if it weren’t for the others I’d be dead!

After falling asleep I was woken by Gabbie to the visitation of some local guards. They weren’t really guards. They attacked us AND had little floating eyeballs joining in the fray. They also had griffins! After a hard battle, with Gabbie almost being carried off, and Fribis saving the day with some sort of ‘moonpower in the day’ spell, we discovered that these guards were using a spell not so dissimilar to my own abilities. They were deep gnomes, smurf… neblinsomethings? You know, those thingies! They had a note but none of us can read undercommon. I think Wisps used a spell to read texts of another language, if only I could recall it!

Orlen, or Blue for the purposes of this diary, lost his hair due to his own spell. If he makes ME bald I’m going to castrate him.

After we cleaned up and had breakfast we followed Mr. WizSheep to his abode. He explained on the way the he required a wand to change him back. This same wand was used by his apprentice to turn him into a sheep. His home is a tree house that was guarded by monkeys. Literal monkeys. There was also a filthy outhouse. The next thing I know I’ve been made invisible by Gabbie and am being asked to explore.    Sadly not a soul saw how nimble and acrobatic a tabaxi can be as I was bloody invisible. Then things got a little… hectic? There was a super long battle, started by yours truly… by accident! The apprentice was killed. Along with a giant white bear. And a bed dragon. Oh yes, it turns out the wand can change inanimate objects into things, not just the living! The wand also wasn’t very stable: as proved when the apprentice turned himself into a ghastly thing of vomitness! We shot at it from afar.

I will not mention the giant white bear and the toilet. It is too gross an experience to relive.

After much discussion, and my pointing out the wand had been tinkered with to such a point as to be dangerous, Orlen changed the sheep back. They were very grateful… and penniless. Oh yes, Mr WizSheep had NO funds to pay us! Still there is the belt I found in his home and a strange note. I’m going to play with the belt!


P.S. I will also note that Fribs seemed troubled today, I followed him into the woods to discover that he is concerned that we simply use him for his powers. I must admit that I see his point and if I were in his place then I would think the same. Perhaps it would be a good thing to give the druid something to show our appreciation. However, all I have to offer is friendship… I’ll try that!

Day 5

Dear Sands,

Sorry about the soot marks on this page!

We had a great night! Blue arrived as a chicken and had corn cravings all evening. Fribs burped fire. Gabbie and I set up a really nice couple! Blue blinded everyone when he tried to look at the magical energies emanating from our food.

Norb thinks we’re all insane. And no-one told me off for getting us free-drinks! I’ve not actually had that much fun in… well since Wisps left.

It was nice.

I know it won’t last but I’ll keep the memory safe.

Good night


Day 6

Dear Sands,

Today was a day of discovering! We discovered that people in fishing shops don’t know ANYTHING and we discovered that people in shops that smell of funny herbs don’t know what an I’OWE’YOU is. Shocking, right?! She thought I was serious! But… we are pretty far north I guess. We discovered Gabbie was born with a silver tongue and should be our front man in shops! We also discovered that Blue can’t walk on water – Norb and I were super disappointed.

After a bit of selling and bartering we made our way to the river that leads to the south. Last night I read out the note: yeah, I finally recalled that spell Wisps used to read weird arse languages. And while it spoke of someone called Shroudedness (like a title), it didn’t really explain who they were or anything. So we decided to go look for treasure! Much more fun than looking for weirdos who might hurt us.

The treasure we’re going after is one of the Seals of Quengor. The shopkeeper told us that Quengor was a titan and has something to do with a group of adventures a long time ago. Aside from that all she could do was tell us about a lake along the river and made up a load of crap about it being hunted. Regardless, that’s where we’re off to tomorrow.

I hope it stops raining.

I forgot to write that Fribs got us a boat AND pulled us along as a fish! Or was it a dolphin? It was a dolphin! It sure beats rowing! That was our Fribie discovery! Get it? Fribie? FREE BEE? Urgh, why am I bothering? You’re not even here!


P.S. Blue’s hair is starting to grow back – I wonder if that’s his superpower?

P.P.S. Saw a dragonborn with a red tattoo on his face before we left. He said he got it from the tattoo shop in town. Eddie’s Inks or something? It sounds like loads of people are getting them and if that’s true then there might be a whole host of people like that. I’ll never find Wisps at this rate. Perhaps I’d have more luck asking around for a randy tabaxi… at least they’re rarer!!!!