Dust’s Diary Days 7 to 9

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Day 7

Dear Sands,

What a day. Seriously, if I get knocked out again I think I’m going to start loosing intelligence… and we both know THAT’s in short supply!

After a great night’s sleep and a little chat with Blue we woke up to a bright new day… and then got shot at. Ok, so we invaded their island (with a ruined tower), they screamed something about ‘protect her’ and then we killed them but they WERE goblin kin so I’ll justify it as such. Fribs said it was ok to justify it like that at least… and he’s super nice so he must be right.

Anyway, after luring out more of the goblin-kin from a trapdoor (I think Gabbie said they were hobgoblins?) we ventured into the ruins under the lake. Norb said they were elves ruins and are very old.

You know how you’re always telling me “Think first!”…. Well…. I forgot… and got bitten by a chest! I’ve heard stories about these, I can’t remember much else about them, other than greedy adventurers (and Dusts) get nommed! So the others killed it while I hid behind them like the brave Tabaxi I am!

We then flooded the underground ruins. Or Fribs did! On purpose! So we had a spot of lunch while we waited for the ruins to fill up with water. It also turns out that Blue is the BEST swimmer EVAH! Makes sense though… he IS a water genasi.

Long story short we managed to accidentally drown a prisoner, ruined a book and found some more chests to look at. We then killed a load more goblin-kin, swam about in their guts and found a secret room! Fribs and Gabbie discovered a poem written on some statues. Which I guessed the answer to! Turns out, if you say ‘please’ in elvish, the big elf statue moves…. And there was another secret passage.

So we’re having a rest before we explore the rest of the ruins. With the Dragonborn and his bard friend. Yeah, the Dragonborn with a red tattoo…. Honestly, he’s so dim! Some elf guy (possibly related to the royal guards of Zemnia… due to clothing colouration) wanted the ruins ‘made safe’ and hired Pazen (the Dragonborn) to do it. It’s why he has the red tattoo… it was for ‘protection’. I’m completely confused – what if the mark on Pazen’s face is a totally different design to the one I’m looking for?! I’m going to stop thinking about this, It’s making my fur greasy, and if I don’t find Wisps I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Right, time to nap!


Day 8

Dear Sands,

Please remind me not to assume Thieves Cant for ‘treasure, danger’ means ‘a few traps’…. ‘Cause it turns out that’s just NOT true!

What it meant in this case was bloody huge snake lady thing that spews lightning, takes over Norb minds and eats Blues! As for what she did to Gabbie and Fribs I just feel terrible for their clothes: lighting burns are a bugger to get out.

Umm… if Gabbie had been wearing any. He thought, as it was super wet and we needed to swim (and magic water breathing spell thing) yesterday that we’d need to today. So he stripped to his underpants….. and then realised the water has receded…. And did battle in his undies! What a guy!

Yes, so she died horribly in a Blue induced explosion…. Gabbie wasn’t too covered as yours truly was in the way.

After washing off the gore and investigating we bagged ourselves a broken crystal. It was very odd, the crystal was not pleasant to touch and I think it shocked Fribs. Then an eye appeared in it, demanded questions, so I automatically evaded answering without lying, and then the crystal broke. Pity as I think it might be this seal of quinoa (or whatever) we were looking for. I just hope it wasn’t the snake lady’s wife or something.


P.S. I’m still amazed how hairless non Tabaxi really are and I still don’t know how they stay warm!

P.P.S. We’re camping again… this is rubbish.

Day 9


Toooo Drunk to rite…. I think there were shorts?Shots!

And we sold a boat with fake doll-fins. Nite nite!

Dust 🙂