Episode Summaries

#1 Arrival at Welton

Stir of 1st Clouds

The party meets up at the forest near Welton and helps some Shepherds fend off some wolves.

They get told that there’s a reward for solving the wolf problem and that sheep and other stuff had been disappearing.

They attempt to track the wolves at night but only find a wolf “grave” and return to spend the night at the inn.


#2 To the Den

High of 1st Clouds

The party leave for Alexi Merriksonns House and find no real clues except her desire to go check out the southern forest.

They move into the woods and follow the Wolves’ tracks. An owlbear attacks them and is defeated.

1st Turn of Clouds

They arrive at the wolf cave, Fribis ninja attacks and they fight until Bolt calls for a truce.


#3 Betrayal

Turn of 1st Clouds

Bolt invites them in to talk, tells them how they became intelligent and agrees that they will work out an arrangement with the villagers.

Flame is outraged about this and attacks her mate. The party, together with Bolt, defeat her.

They solve a riddle, opening a secret door, finding various magical items in the back of the wolf den.

Back in town, they manage to make the council agree on Bolt’s proposition.

Two sheep appear.


End of offline Sessions


#4 Guz’ Rage

Turn of 1st Clouds

The sheep ask them to help, just before Guz and his posse come in and demand to have the sheep handed over.

As this doesn’t happen, they attack but get defeated, serioulsy wounding the party’s casters in the process.

They then explain that they’re Finethir Shinebright and Alexi Merriksonn and that they need help in getting a wand of Polymorph back from Noke, Shinebright’s former apprentice.


#5 Ambushed

Ease of 1st Clouds

In the morning, the group escorts the council to the arranged meeting with Bolt, where they agree on sharing the region.

They then start on their way towards Wendelstein and Noke’s tower. At the end of a night’s rest, they get attacked by Svirfneblin, riding on Hippogriffs, accompanied by Gazers. On them, they find a note, written in Undercommon, which they can’t read.


#6 Noke’s Hut

Calm of 1st Clouds

They avoid Wendelstein, keeping it to their left and going along the forest. Shinebright then guides them towards his former tower.

As they arrive, they do a lot of reconnaissance, before they’re eventually found out. Noke’s guards are taken out (one of them barricading himself in one of the barracks), and Noke flees into his bed chamber.

Orlen sets fire to the bed chamber out of which – a few rounds later – a Bed Dragon emerges.


#7 Bed Dragon!

Calm of 1st Clouds

The party fight the Bed Dragon and get seriuosly splintered faces. Norben gets rid of the bed’s Polymorph by shooting Noke in the shoulder, making him lose concentration.

On the ground, Noke then tries to use the wand to transform, but becomes a Gibbering Mouther, which is too slow to be of any danger and gets easily taken out.

The party use the Wand to turn Shinebright and Alexi back into their natural forms. They keep the wand and Shinebright promises to magically help Welton have a good harvest after the bad year.


#8 Wendelstein

Calm of 1st Clouds

The party arrives at Wendelstein, spends an entertaining evening at the inn (Messages and Suggestions mess with bards and barmaids) and then spend the night.

Drop of 1st Clouds

They ask Quinner, the tavernkeep, Brandon, the fisherman and Edna, the shopkeep about the Sunken Tower. Edna tells them to follow Pleasant Creek and sells them healing potions and a Ring of Protection.

They briefly pass Pazin while leaving town, buy a boat from Tom at Brandon’s fishing spot and then row/dolphin down the river.


#9 Come out, come out…

Drop of 1st Clouds

The party pitches their tents near the river and sees some lights in the distance during the night…

Full of 1st Clouds

… and while travelling to the tower.

There, they get ambushed by two Hobgoblin lookouts. After defeating them, they prepare a trap and lure two more Hobgoblins out and take care of them.

Entering the tower, they spot a treasure chest and get close to inspect it, when the Mimic (which it really is) attacks them, but is swiftly defeated.


#10 Water is Fun

Full of 1st Clouds

After clearing some roots with a fireball and breaking out unstable stonework with a crowbar, Fribis turned into a Giant Badger to dig a tunnel to the lake, which then flooded the Tower.

While they were waiting upstairs, Pazin (who was tasked with clearing the place) arrived with Tommen, the bard. They didn’t have a boat and the party told them to stay put; they promised to later testify that Pazin had helped to clear the place.

After going back down, they found a blocked drain, a drowned prisoner, a king statue and a weapon chamber. When swimming towards the last room, they were attacked by three hobgoblins, which they defeated.


#11 The Prince and King

They go to the prince statue and push it open. Behind it they find mundane treasure and a message on the back side of the statue.

Our heroes then try to unblock the drain. After hours of work, clearing stones and concrete, freeing the grate, they remember the message and say “please” in elvish to open the secret passage behind the king’s statue.

As they see Thieves’ Cant symbols for danger, they decide to close it again and spend the night outisde with Pazin and Tommen.

Wake of 2nd Clouds

The next day comes, they go back inside and in an epic fight kill the Naga, surviving her powerful spells and her lair. The session ends immediately with the killing blow.


#12 Dolphin Boat: The Return

Rise of 2nd Clouds

To be written


#13 Pazin’s Home

Flow of 2nd Clouds

They followed Pazin to his house, where they found out that Isabelle is his wife, and he has two mostly human children. Dust spent the time reading the now intact Undercommon Letter and the Abyssal Underdark Notes they found in the Sunken Tower.

They waited until after lunch, when Pazin’s employer arrived. He paid him in half-secret, but seemed off to the party. They prevented him from leaving, tied him up and whacked on him (well, they barely hit at all). He told them in decent detail about what he knows about their plans, naming Xoltane as their leader, as well that he has tentacles in his face.

When the questioning got too detailed, he sneakily summoned a Shadow Demon, which started to make its way upstairs, where the children stayed. The party rushed after it to defeat it, while the employer tried to free himself from the restraints. He didn’t have enough time, though, and was executed after his Shadow Demon had been dealth with.

Dust eventually asked Eddie about the tattoo, but merely gathered that it seemed to have a one time job for him.


#14 Road to Zemnia

Stir and High of 2nd Clouds

To be written


#15 Zemnian Nights

High and Turn of 2nd Clouds

To be written


#16 Moonfire

Turn of 2nd Clouds

To be written


#17 The Crater

Turn of 2nd Clouds

To be written


#18 Hole in … Two

Turn of 2nd Clouds

To be written


#19 After the Dust settles


To be written


#20 The living Forest


To be written


#21 Windholm


To be written


#22 Skeleton Storage


To be written